To be fair Tracy Carpenter was the first person to notice Ashton De Roy’s Pervasive Developmental disorder.

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Dear Tracy Carpenter,

You deserve props for this. Not to have your son insulted and for that I am sorry. I have just been sitting on a lot of negative emotions. A concussion is a hell of a time for true feelings to manifest.

Tracy Carpenter was not the first person to introduce me to Marijuana for fun & recreation. She was the first person to introduce me to Autistic Specific Medical Marijuana. For this I owe Tracy a debt of gratitude as to date CBD:THC 1:1 is the most successful therapeutic drug I have ever taken for my pervasive developmental disorder. “I knew I had this. I just didn’t want to out how much everyone had been secretly pissing me off before I was homeless. An easy trigger is pulled a lot. ” Ashton De Roy . What I didn’t know? Was that THC in therapeutic dose balanced by CBD was my key to enjoy medical marijuana for the benefits of sleep. That was something Tracy taught me as someone with high functioning ADD.

The truth is I could be in worse shape post-concussion if I didn’t remember the therapeutic Medicine Tracy taught me about. THC in large doses is not medicinal for me. Alcohol was a poor sleep remedy & Sleeping pills nearly killed me. Tracy Carpenter did save my life by teaching me about 1:1 CBD:THC medications. That is the truth.

She will be a hell of a Social Worker one day.


Ashton De Roy

613-888-1958 & Ashtonderoy@gmail.com

WEB MD Reference:

  • Avoid eye contact – I would rather not make eye contact.
  • Not be able to express what they’re thinking through language – It was hard to tell where the barrier was here. Whether it was my family or me. However I think I still have trouble expressing what I am thinking. Even without them around…
  • Have a high-pitched or flat voice – Could easily be missed by someone who is queer identified.
  • Find it hard to keep up a conversation – I use a trick where I only try to recount key details but honestly people say too much for me to keep up most times.
  • Have trouble controlling emotions – I have self-declared psychotic related to this. It had gotten to the point where if I didn’t it was a hazard.
  • Perform repetitive behaviors like hand-flapping, rocking, jumping, or twirling – I hide stim behaviors from my family when I can. Or I mask them in exercise videos as taught by Kella Thompson.

I Ashton De Roy am the child of a type 1 diabetic. I am a classified birth defect & the education system did protect my mental health issues from my family for the longest time. Which was why? I had an issue transitioning from education to home life.


Ashley Carpenter & Ashton De Roy’s Graphic Design project.

Reproduced for the preservation of Family Mohawk First nations art 2020-09-12

Legal Declaration from Ashton De Roy who owns the piece.

Autism Aware

Written by Ashton Deroy

This piece is preserved as First Nations Mohawk Art. 2020-09-12.

My kid sister wanted to put something up on the website. As I said it is good to put things on your website that makes you happy. I often miss my family back home in Quinte West, but I am glad I have this painting to remind me of them. If they read this I love them and I can’t wait to see them next. Posted from North York Ontario 6:08am 5/31/2018. 

Today on 6/3/2018 I modified the art to get it digitally ready. The thing about a good piece of art is that it is never truly finished. I love the painting but I knew I could make it digitally great. Thanks so much Ashley you know I love working with you. 

This is currently being used on my YouTube channel. 

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Why Ashton Deroy is grateful for their Dad?

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I didn’t want to flip out like I did. However, if I go in to controlled environments I am going to flip out.

That is just a fact of my life. As much of a fact as me having an out of control God complex.

I do have a good Dad. Here is why I am grateful for him?

  1. He taught me how to use a computer.
  2. He he studies the Donald Trump God Complex with me.
  3. He helped me mainstream. <— Even though I was still very much special needs. (I wanted to screw with neurotypicals. I am 100% serious.)

What I am upset with?

  1. The willingness to give me a pain pill that could give me kidney issues. (I will take them when I am desperate.)
  2. Pushing high functioning labels on me. I am not high functioning… I am highly intelligent. I am also miserable regardless of circumstance and quite often lonely…
  3. Not teaching family members how to communicate with me Digitally so I can express emotion, understand the conversation & have the same awareness of truth.

Autistic Queer people don’t often get Business Diplomas. I was miserable the entire time I worked on mine. I did it to help the family. My heart is with the Multicultural arts. I am in love with something the family creates a void for…. I even have a subscription to Curiositystream


How to administer Ashton Deroy’s Medical marijuana?

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Round up the prescription.

  • Before going out for a family activity smoke 1 joint. It doesn’t matter what kind.
  • In the morning CBD can make Ashton Deroy Clear headed
  • At Night CBD:THC 1:1 balances Ashton Deroy out.

August is Ashton’s Suicide Prevention Month. Good luck not fucking up next year.

PDD Ashton Deroy


Ashton Deroy re-declared Special Needs Autism.

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|#Autism + #Concussion means I am #SpecialNeeds .” Ashton Deroy I need to be re-educated and I needed medication for treatment. More details are to be uploaded. We are looking to funding the #AutisticOstrich Co-op. Contact Randyderoy@hotmail.com for more details *** Dictated by #RandyDeroy on behalf of #AshtonDeroy

Please contact Randy Deroy or Tracy Carpenter at this address if you have any questions or concerns. Ashton Deroy has separation anxiety, Shaken baby syndrome, ADHD & Seizure psychosis.

affidavit Multiple Personalities

Family Co-op Power of Attorney

“I Randy Deroy also have ADHD and I intend to treat it in the future. ” Randy Deroy

“Adults with ADHD also had elevated levels of metabolic disorders, being almost twice as likely to have high blood pressure, and more than twice as likely to have type 2 diabetes.” Google

Autism Revolution Meryam Haddad

Ashton Deroy has selected Meryam Haddad for representation because the family keeps forgetting at Prince of Whales Public School Ashton Deroy had a Multi-Cultural education which makes them militant against racism.

Ashton Deroy also identifies with no gender & considers themselves to be a mix between  Matt & Ashley. Has no identity differentiation based on blood. Ashton Deroy is an Environmental determinist which means they get pretty delusional about family identity.

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Thank you for reading.

This is going to be a case study related to Giant Tiger, Amnesia and LGBT relationships: 


Dear Tracy Carpenter

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I don’t think you appreciate how much easier I have tried to make you coming to this family. I thought you did once. Now I feel like everyone is just forcing their emotional entitlements on me. I am Autistic and I can’t relate to your emotional entitlements. so I do not connect with emotions the same way you all do. I feel like that has never been properly acknowledged. I AM IN PAIN!

To remedy what I feel like has been injustice, I played a trick on your son Matthew Clarke. I sent him an Autism Hardcover book and I bought myself the audiobook version. This is because he has to learn way better self-management. He is driving me up the wall!

Autism Revolution

Just because Matthew Clarke was once functional enough for the military. Does not mean I am.  I have tried to tell this to Tracy Gerdhardt many times. I have been rehabilitating a poor high school education since I did my victory lap. Then I have done a study in Advertising, Digital Marketing and Business. I have been struggling with my education level. Meanwhile your kids have only been stressing me out!

On top of this I have been secretly studying law through politics. Click here to check out the Candidate I endorsed for the Green Party of Canada. I have been doing this with Autism + Concussion and an overwhelming case of Amnesia. This is not fair. I would like you to use your education to remedy the damage that has been done in my family as a result of my Giant Tiger injury as soon as possible. If not I am not trusting you guys ever again.




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