Ashton Deroy re-declared Special Needs Autism.

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|#Autism + #Concussion means I am #SpecialNeeds .” Ashton Deroy I need to be re-educated and I needed medication for treatment. More details are to be uploaded. We are looking to funding the #AutisticOstrich Co-op. Contact for more details *** Dictated by #RandyDeroy on behalf of #AshtonDeroy

Please contact Randy Deroy or Tracy Carpenter at this address if you have any questions or concerns. Ashton Deroy has separation anxiety, Shaken baby syndrome, ADHD & Seizure psychosis.

affidavit Multiple Personalities

Family Co-op Power of Attorney

“I Randy Deroy also have ADHD and I intend to treat it in the future. ” Randy Deroy

“Adults with ADHD also had elevated levels of metabolic disorders, being almost twice as likely to have high blood pressure, and more than twice as likely to have type 2 diabetes.” Google

Autism Revolution Meryam Haddad

Ashton Deroy has selected Meryam Haddad for representation because the family keeps forgetting at Prince of Whales Public School Ashton Deroy had a Multi-Cultural education which makes them militant against racism.

Ashton Deroy also identifies with no gender & considers themselves to be a mix between  Matt & Ashley. Has no identity differentiation based on blood. Ashton Deroy is an Environmental determinist which means they get pretty delusional about family identity.

Randy's facebook

Thank you for reading.

This is going to be a case study related to Giant Tiger, Amnesia and LGBT relationships:

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