Why Ashton Deroy is grateful for their Dad?

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I didn’t want to flip out like I did. However, if I go in to controlled environments I am going to flip out.

That is just a fact of my life. As much of a fact as me having an out of control God complex.

I do have a good Dad. Here is why I am grateful for him?

  1. He taught me how to use a computer.
  2. He he studies the Donald Trump God Complex with me.
  3. He helped me mainstream. <— Even though I was still very much special needs. (I wanted to screw with neurotypicals. I am 100% serious.)

What I am upset with?

  1. The willingness to give me a pain pill that could give me kidney issues. (I will take them when I am desperate.)
  2. Pushing high functioning labels on me. I am not high functioning… I am highly intelligent. I am also miserable regardless of circumstance and quite often lonely…
  3. Not teaching family members how to communicate with me Digitally so I can express emotion, understand the conversation & have the same awareness of truth.

Autistic Queer people don’t often get Business Diplomas. I was miserable the entire time I worked on mine. I did it to help the family. My heart is with the Multicultural arts. I am in love with something the family creates a void for…. I even have a subscription to Curiositystream

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