To be fair Tracy Carpenter was the first person to notice Ashton De Roy’s Pervasive Developmental disorder.

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Dear Tracy Carpenter,

You deserve props for this. Not to have your son insulted and for that I am sorry. I have just been sitting on a lot of negative emotions. A concussion is a hell of a time for true feelings to manifest.

Tracy Carpenter was not the first person to introduce me to Marijuana for fun & recreation. She was the first person to introduce me to Autistic Specific Medical Marijuana. For this I owe Tracy a debt of gratitude as to date CBD:THC 1:1 is the most successful therapeutic drug I have ever taken for my pervasive developmental disorder. “I knew I had this. I just didn’t want to out how much everyone had been secretly pissing me off before I was homeless. An easy trigger is pulled a lot. ” Ashton De Roy . What I didn’t know? Was that THC in therapeutic dose balanced by CBD was my key to enjoy medical marijuana for the benefits of sleep. That was something Tracy taught me as someone with high functioning ADD.

The truth is I could be in worse shape post-concussion if I didn’t remember the therapeutic Medicine Tracy taught me about. THC in large doses is not medicinal for me. Alcohol was a poor sleep remedy & Sleeping pills nearly killed me. Tracy Carpenter did save my life by teaching me about 1:1 CBD:THC medications. That is the truth.

She will be a hell of a Social Worker one day.


Ashton De Roy

613-888-1958 &

WEB MD Reference:

  • Avoid eye contact – I would rather not make eye contact.
  • Not be able to express what they’re thinking through language – It was hard to tell where the barrier was here. Whether it was my family or me. However I think I still have trouble expressing what I am thinking. Even without them around…
  • Have a high-pitched or flat voice – Could easily be missed by someone who is queer identified.
  • Find it hard to keep up a conversation – I use a trick where I only try to recount key details but honestly people say too much for me to keep up most times.
  • Have trouble controlling emotions – I have self-declared psychotic related to this. It had gotten to the point where if I didn’t it was a hazard.
  • Perform repetitive behaviors like hand-flapping, rocking, jumping, or twirling – I hide stim behaviors from my family when I can. Or I mask them in exercise videos as taught by Kella Thompson.

I Ashton De Roy am the child of a type 1 diabetic. I am a classified birth defect & the education system did protect my mental health issues from my family for the longest time. Which was why? I had an issue transitioning from education to home life.

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