To be fair Tracy Carpenter was the first person to notice Ashton De Roy’s Pervasive Developmental disorder.

I Ashton De Roy am the child of a type 1 diabetic. I am a classified birth defect & the education system did protect my mental health issues from my family for the longest time. Which was why? I had an issue transitioning from education to home life.

Why Ashton Deroy is grateful for their Dad?

I didn’t want to flip out like I did. However, if I go in to controlled environments I am going to flip out.

That is just a fact of my life. As much of a fact as me having an out of control God complex.

How to administer Ashton Deroy’s Medical marijuana?

Before going out for a family activity smoke 1 joint. It doesn’t matter what kind.
In the morning CBD can make Ashton Deroy Clear headed
At Night CBD:THC 1:1 balances Ashton Deroy out.